Outdoor Sports - Palm Beach Hotel

Outdoor Sports

Summer Outdoor Activities
Water sports at the hotel beach: Banana, Jet Ski and Jet Ski Safari, Parasailing, Water-Ski, Crazy Sofa, SUP boards
Diving: diving training with PADI standards for beginners, as well as advanced training and diving trips both for grownups and children
Horse Riding: riding lessons in the ranch, by the beach or in the wild nature, pony ride for our small friends (4 km away from the hotel)
Yacht rental, Sailing and Fishing
Kart center (7 km away from the hotel)
Tennis courts (6 km away from the hotel)
Bicycle / Mountain Bicycle Riding

Discovered Crete

Top Cretan Beaches

Preveli 35 km
Ammoudaki 32 km
Rodakino 45 km
Glyka Nera 75 km
Elafonisi 135 km
Falasarna 114 km
Balos 115 km
Seitan Limani 76 km
Matala 82 km
Vai 250 km

Explore the Culture & History of Rethymno

Fortezza fortress
The citadel of the city of Rethymno. It was built by the Venetians in the 16th century in order to protect the town, but and was captured by the Ottomans in 1646.

Archaeological Museum of Rethymno
The exhibition of the museum shows characteristic ancient artifacts which were discovered in the Prefecture of Rethymno. The unique items belong to the periods of Stone, Brose, Iron ages and Bysantine and Post Bysantine times.

History and Folk Museum of Rethymno
The collection of museum contains artifacts from the 4th BC century to the 20th century AD, mainly from the area of Rethymno. There are numerous items which cover traditional methods of farming and preparation of bread, and traditional professions, such as that of blacksmith, shoemaker and impressive weapon collection.
Paleontological Museum of Rethymno.

The Museum exhibition offers visitors various brief stops along the history of Crete in the past 300,000,000 years. Fossils of invertebrates from Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sea deposits in Crete, along with texts, drawings, maps and information inform visitors about the geological treasures of Crete. In the museum are shown bones of Pleistocenic native elephants which are of special interest, as well as material regarding the deers in Crete.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete
It has a permanent collection of approximately 700 works of contemporary Greek artists, which covers a wide range of the contemporary Greek art world from 1950 to date.
Museum of Antient Eleutherna and Archeological Park 
Eleutherna was one of Crete’s most important ancient cities, a capital city of the Geometric and Archaic periods. Visit to the museum will give you a chance to meet the Eleutherna’s political, religious, social, and private life. Here the ancient Greek myths and legends are coming to reality. A walk along the paths of Antient Eleutherna is perfect for both nature and archeology lovers. You can visit the Pirgy - Akropolis, Ancient cisterns, bridge, ruins of city and St. Anna’s church and much more 23km

Monastery of Agia Irini (St. Irene) 5km
Preveli Monastery 35km
Arkadi Monastery 21km
Explore the nature beauty of the island and visit top Crete’s destinations for hiking
National Park of Samaria - Samaria Gorge 97 km
Imbros Gorge 50 km
Mili Gorge 7 km
Patsos Gorge (Agios Antonios) 22 km
Moundros Gorge 22 km
Plateau Askyfou 46 km
E4 path from Eleutherna to Margarites 23 km
Idi Mountain or Mountain of Psiloritis 58 km
Mountain of Kouloukonas 45 km
Kotsyfou Gorge 29 km
Kourtalioti Gorge 25 km